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I called today on 06/05/2018 to schedule a visit for my 12-year-old daughter because she has been complaining of pain from her wisdom tooth coming in. I contacted Amerigroup which is her provider to see if they are accepting new and existing patients. I was told that they are not they have met their limit on

Medicaid recipients. I was hoping to get her into the office as soon as possible as sometimes wisdom teeth can be very painful. So I went back to double check and they are in the system:

DENTAQUEST: 38 Jefferson Parkway, NEWNAN, GA. 30263 USAAccepting New and Existing Patients

If they are no longer accepting patients with medicaid why are they still listed. I'm currently waiting on someone from there office at customer sevice to contact me. I do not quite know how to rate my experience until then.

Product or Service Mentioned: Great Expressions Dental Centers Dental Service.

Reason of review: Child Medicaid Issue.

Preferred solution: Better customer service interaction regarding medicaid recipients. .

I didn't like: None accurate information provided for child medicaid recipients.

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Thanks for expressing you un-necessary concern. The leech has found a credible office and my whiners are happy with the office they're currently attending. So *** completely off.


Like JJ said, Medicaid is a money loser and nobody but crooks want Medicaid patients.Many times dentists tell insurance companies they want no more crummy low-paying patients. However, in order to sell their plan to more suckers, the insurance company keeps the dentists' names on the list.What skills have you got?

Why don't you offer to do some work for a decent dentist in exchange for him removing your daughter's wisdom teeth?

I frequently barter with patients. Sure beats being a welfare leech when you can actually give something in return for expensive dental treatment.

to Seasoned Dentist #1503488

You sure can talk a lot of *** about someone from behind a keyboard. You and JJ are some ignorant SOB's. And, since you work there you should know, right that's why you're AN.

to Anonymous #1504561

I don't work at Great Expressions and quit messing with Moochercaid patients a long time ago.


Seriously???!! They told you on the phone they are not accepting any more Medicaid patients.

Deal with it. No one wants Medicaid patients as they tend to be demanding and the reimbursement rate is nil. News flash ... any teeth coming in will be painful.

It doesn’t mean you have to run to the dentist every single time. Give your whiner some Tylenol and get over yourself.

to JJ #1503493

They're happy at the office they're currently at. I'm glad they aren't going to Great Expressions because their reviews aren't *** just like you JJ and your little AN friend.

All the reviews that I see on here regarding how terrible the office is. I won't ever pay through Medicaid or in cash for my kids to go there. Glad they didn't accept them. BTW you can go *** yourself.

Leech on that while you whine about a child receiving Medicaid. Nothing in life is free including Medicaid.

to DamagingBee #1504562

You are right that Medicaid is not free. We taxpayers have to pay for it.


I would appreciate if they did reach out to me about the issue to talk about it and resolve it.

to DamagingBee #1504565

Reach out about what? Your kids are on Moochercaid and Great Expressions no longer fools with Moochercaid.

What are they supposed to do penance for?

I told you insurance companies are slow about removing dentists from prostituting provider lists after we request termination from the plan. Go gripe to your Moochercaid insurance company.

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