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I went back after 5 years and had the best hygienist. However, days after getting my teeth clean and examined I was told she left because of conflict with Dr. Bininan. On April 28th I went into great expression and was told I was preparing for a crown. I remember feeling uneasy. However, he was the Dentist and an experience individual so I thought. They numb the area and then the dentist whom I still felt uneasy with started drilling. The pain of the instrument pierce my gums and I could feel that something wasn't right. He kept drilling for hours as his voice assured me that there was not so much blood, but he should be done shortly. The drilling seemed like an eternity and finally he was done and left the assist to finish up. Tsegay an Armenia spoke little English and I later found out he was fresh out of dental school practicing at Great expression dental. The assistant took an impression and then scheduled a 4 week appointment claiming she was giving me time to heal. Looking back I wondered if she knew that this man had just prep me for a root canal and not a crown (side eye).

I left with no medication, no instruction about caring for the area or nothing. ON sat night I was in so much pain I called my mom who's a nurse and she told me to take some Advil, which I did. On Sunday-Monday the pain increased. I then contact the office Great Expression dental on Lavista road and spoke with office manager Beth who is Caucasian she said she would have the dentist call me after explaining to her I was in so much pain and could not eat, sleep or work. The dentist never called me. On May 2nd I called back and explained the pain is excruciating and I cannot bear it any longer could I come into the office. The same Caucasian manager up front said "I'm so sorry we can get you in on May 2rd at 4pm. The pain got so back I began crying at work, and was told I needed to go home and rest. On May 3rd I call back to Great expression and the guy who is the only receptionist and who's so nice (the only one) told me that he can get me in 2:30 on the 3rd so I took it.

On May 3rd I left work early got to the appointment in tear, mourning and sat until my name was called. As the assistant took me back she began taking a series of x-rays. Mr. Bininan came in and stated that "I'm sorry to tell you, but you're going to need a root canal.

Immediately I got very annoyed and told him you prepared my tooth you claimed for a crown, you said I needed a crown now you're stating I need a root canal "Are you kidding me? He got loud and stated he was the dentist and what he says goes and I needed not challenge him about his job. Bininan didn't back- down as I told him to fix it he lied and grind my tooth down to the ground nothing was wrong with my tooth before he worked on it. Then, the Caucasian manager comes in as he stated to me: If you don't leave I'm calling the cops. I told him to go right ahead I'll be right here and stated it's funny how when an intelligent black person speaks their mind you people thrown out words like "I feel threaten (Beth the managers words).

They didn't call the cops after threatening to do so and I eventually left still in pain and upset that now I have to start over after this inexperience non- English speaking disrespectful dentist messed me up for life.

Product or Service Mentioned: Great Expressions Dental Centers Dental Crown Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I agreed with you 100% - they messed up my crown it fell out about 3 weeks later & it's taking forever to get my money back & everytime I scheduled appointment and when I get there they want to do something total different from what is scheduled -They try to suck all they money out of you. there whole system sucks.We should all get a class action lawsuit & take this CORP down.


Corporate clown clubs love H1B Visa dentist. They work for cheap and the company will withdraw H1B visa support if the dentist doesn't overtreat patients.Solution: No matter what your insurance, avoid corporate dental clinics. Go only to independent dentists you know and trust.

to Seasoned Dentist #1505715

Excellent advice thank you!!

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