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At my first visit to the dentist, which was required by them in order to see their orthodontist, I was told that I had oral cancer, gingivitis, and three cavities. I had JUST been to my other dentist about two weeks before who told me I was all good (very well educated dentist that I trust), and had no cavities or other issues.

After stating that I had just had a checkup with my other dentist, they changed their mind about me needing procedures to fix these issues. They also refused to give me a cleaning because I refused the root canal I didn't need. Very unprofessional, they'll use any excuse to refuse services but charge you for them, and they'll try to tell you that you have lots of problems with your mouth that you clearly don't.

Be warned, the orthodontist is just as bad! Don't go here unless you like your mouth being drilled for no reason and giving money to corrupt companies!

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Topeka, Kansas, United States #971809

You have a "very well educated dentist that you trust," yet you thought it would be a great idea to go for an exam at a sleazy corporate clinic owned by investors rather than dentists?

What possessed you to do this? Do you just like to play with fire?

Well, in the end you realized what a mistake it was, so at least you were not harmed with overtreatment.

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